Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scrap Challenge that I'm hosting

As I told you yesterday, I'm hosting a scrapchallenge over at http://digitalscrapbooking.yourbb.nl/index.php a scrapbooking board for Dutch speaking scrappers.

My challenge is about siggies/signatures. It would be a fun way to brighten up the board, wouldn't it?
So here are the rules:
  • Your signature can not be bigger than 300 pixels x 500 pixels
  • Make a signature including your name/your nickname
  • Use at least one alpha
  • Use at least 6 elemtens including
    • at least 2 flowers, leafs, or something else that's "green" or "earthy"
    • 4 of the 6 elements must be different from each other
  • If you want, you can use a background/paper
  • If you want, you can use a font for some additional journaling
Well, that are the rules.
Everybody who completes his or her signature before July 10th, following these rules, gets a pp.

So, if you're Dutch-speaking, want to meet other scrappers and are in for a challenge... feel free to join us!
If you have any questions about scrapbooking, signatures, the board or anything else... feel free to contact me.

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