Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sandsculputres in Blankenberge (Belgium) Warning! This blogpost contains lots of photos!

Tuesday, July 12th, my boyfriend and I went to Blankenberge (Belgium) to see some beautiful sculptures made in sand.

A team of artist from all around the world worked very hard to make all the beautiful sculptures. This year the theme is the Magical Moments Festival from Disneyland Resort in Paris.

I looked forward to this for months, and finally it was our turn to go to the festival. We had to get up at 6 am to catch the train at 7 am. We arrived in Blankenberge at 9.30 am.
First we went to the bathroom and got ourselfs some breakfast. Then it was time to see the sculptures.

The doors opened at 10 am, so we were there the moment the festival opened. We tought there wouldn't be many people, but we were wrong. Anyway, here we go... I must warn you, this blogpost includes over 300 photos!

We in the train at 7 am.
The entrance

The first ones we met were Mickey & Minnie, and the Disneyland Railroad.

Once you were inside, there were some screens with videos from the Magical Moments festival in Paris. There was also a video on how the sculptures are made.

After meeting Walt & Mickey we visited Main Street USA.

Main Street USA. Take a loot at the details!
After you walked through Main Street USA, you came into Fantasyland. You'll see Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Snow White, the castle...

It took us lots of time to see all the Fantasyland sculptures, but I wanted to take time to make those photos.
Once you were outside, you could see the castle. Unfortunately the top of the castle was missing. Frontierland and Discoveryland were also outside.
After a trip to Discoveryland... there was more! Back inside you walked right into Adventureland with the Pirates Of The Carribean, Hook, Jungle Book, The Lion King... And once again... take a look at the details, they are gorgeous!
Then it was time to head to the Walt Disney Studio's for Tower Of Terror and Cars.
So, we saw it all! But I wanted some photos of me in front of the castle. And since we had time enough, my boyfriend said... let's make some more photos in front of Frontierland and Space Mountain.
Hope you didn't pay to much attention to my hair. It was very windy. ;-)
Last thing I wanted to do was go back and take another trip through Main Street and Fantasyland. And we were in luck. There were not so many people this time.
The entrance
After the sandsculptures we decided to go to the beach.
It was still very windy and after a while everybody had to leave the water. The sun was gone and it became cloudy. So we decided to go shopping.
Back on the beach we heard a Sea King, helicopter used by the Belgian Air Force for rescue operations on water. Since I was a child, I've always loved Sea Kings, so I was happy to see one flying over. I didn't only see one flying over, but some minutes later they give me a little treat by sending down a diver on a boat. (And they picked him up later) They were practising! I never saw that before.
After that... it was.... coffeetime. Yummie!

We still had some time and decided to go away from the beach because the wind was very hard and it was very cold. In a tiny street we found a store and man, I could have been there forever. They had the most beautiful Disney sculptures. My boyfriend decided to get me one. But I couldn't choose between Belle, Yasmine and Ariel. So my boyfriend decided he wanted to buy me Belle. When you place her on her base she sings. (So did the Ariel and Yasmine).
Poeh, that took us some time! We only had less than an hour to find us something to eat and take the train back home.
When we finished our food, it started to rain, but we were just in time inside the train when it started to poor!
But wow, what a beautiful day it was!

Well that was it. I hope you enjoyed reading and watching.


  1. Oh my goodness - how cool! I just gawked at each and every photo. Just amazing! Thanks for posting these awesome pictures. This was great fun to see!

  2. Sarah those sand sculptures are so cool. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them. Wish we could get the artists to make some sculptures here!

    Love from California! xx


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