Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sony Cyber-shot and a vacation

I got lots of things to talk about lately. Yesterday, it was my last day at work for two weeks. Yes, today, my vacation finally started and oh boy, I needed it!
Yesterday evening we did some fast shopping and we bought ourselfs a new camera... the Sony Cyber-shot HX 7V.

I always wanted another small and compact camera together with my DSLR. So now, my boyfriend can take photos too!

Although it's autumn, the weather is gorgeous here at the moment. In summer, we had very bad weather. It was raining all the time, but now the sun is shining... So we decided to enjoy our holiday and go for a walk in a nearby forest. Of course, we tested our new camera. ;-)
Here are some photos.

After our walk we stopped at the local ice cream shop and relaxed with a milk shake... mocca for me and strawberry for my boyfriend. Our first vacation day was a hit!

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