Monday, August 6, 2012

Yevgueni - Bergeijk (NL) - 05.08.2012

Yevgueni - Bergeijk NL - 05.08.2012

Yesterday, Yevgueni gave a free concert in Bergeijk, Holland. It was only an half hour drive, so we couldn't resist and drove to Bergeijk.
And oh wow, what a beautiful concert. It rained a bit when we got there, but after 15 minutes the sun was shining and it was hot.

They played 'Welkenraedt', 'Elise', 'Propere ruiten', 'Was er maar iemand', 'Aan de arbeid', 'Als ze lacht', 'Manzijn', 'Pannekoeken', 'Morgen komt ze thuis', 'Nieuwe meisjes' and 'We zijn hier nu toch'. (Maybe even more than I can remember!).

Of course, we took some photos.
Click the photos to see them larger.

After the concert, we waited to get my CD signed. Klaas had already signed in February, but I missed the signatures from Maarten and Geert.
I also got my picture taken with them.

And then Geert. He asked how I was doing.

After we went to Eindhoven to grab a byte to eat and drove back home.
We had a very great day.

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