Saturday, July 23, 2016

Destinations: Vol 6 - Collection by Studio Basic and Studio Flergs

A digital scrapbooking collection by Studio Flergs & Studio Basic Designs, ‘Destinations: Vol 6 Collection’ is the staycation instalment of their vibrant new collection, created to inspire the wanderer, explorer and daydreamer in you.

Summer vacations at home are celebrated in this happy and carefree collection.

A rainbow palette, cheerful patterns and delightful ephemera abound in Destinations: Vol 6, making it the perfect collection to create beautiful scrapbooking or journal pages about exciting day’s out, family game nights in, picnics & play in the park, or quiet afternoons spent reading a book together in the backyard.

You’ll find a little of everything in this bright and cheery kit – including sunshine! – as you enjoy recording warm summer memories or planning weekend family-together time.

‘Destinations: Vol 6 Collection’ contains: 16 patterned papers (plus 2 alternatives), 11 cardboard textured solids, a total of 116 elements, 2 alphas (a bold circular alpha and a wood veneer style alpha, each with A-Z, numbers and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files), 10 playful designs, supplied in both portrait and landscape orientations (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 4x6 cards in each orientation giving a total of 20 cards), saved as individual .jpeg files, 15 .png "Brushes And Stuff" files by Studio Basic and a cheerful mix of Studio Flergs’ signature scatterz (3 paint/element clusters, 6 assorted scattered elements & 3 pieces of wonderful title art, each saved as individual .png files).

The elements are: 2 chevron arrows (with & without shadow), a bike, 3 buttons, 8 flowers, 2 pieces of foliage, 3 frames, a 4 aperture film strip-style frame, an ice cream, an ice lolly, a kits, popcorn, a film reel, a sparkly sun, 2 pieces of tape, 2 tickets, a piece of ricrac, 2 ribbons, 3 veneer pieces, a wonderful BBQ border (2 versions), a board game circle, a stack of books, a buoy, a paperclip (2 versions), a coffee, a splash/drops, a card ephemera, a house (with & without text), a label, a map, 9 labels, a picnic basket, a pinwheel/ windmill, a post-it note (with & without shadow), a shaped button, 4 rosettes, a skateboard, a slide frame (2 versions), a staple, a piece of string, a tag, a tv (2 versions), water drops (2 versions) and the following word and title art: ‘summer bucket list’ (2 versions), ‘lazy summer days’, ‘let’s stay home’, ‘fun in the sun’, ‘sleeping late’, ‘ride a bike’, ‘staycation’, lazy summer’, ‘let’s stay at home’, ‘summer of fun’, ‘staycation’, ‘today’s adventure’, ‘enjoying family time’, ‘in our backyard’, ‘carefree days’, ‘exploring our city’, ‘movie night’, ‘family game night’, ‘museum fun’, ‘around town’, ’at the zoo’, ‘pool party’, ‘picnic time’, ‘together is our favorite place to be’ and ‘let’s go to the park’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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