Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Story Called Life by Amanda Yi & Studio Basic Designs

A digital scrapbooking kit by Amanda Yi and Studio Basic Designs, ‘A Story Called Life’ is a sweet and gentle, reflective look at your world, your life, and where you call home. 

Tell your story, where you are from and who you are in soft neutrals and pops of deep red, pretty pinks and teals. Document what is important to you or perhaps scrap about your children’s plans for their future homes, with delightful doodles and lots of mixed media goodness ready for layering together to create something unique and beautiful to you. 

‘A Story Called Life’ is a versatile kit for everyday storytelling, full of lovely finishing touches and deliciously bold patterns. The kit contains: 16 patterned papers (plus 2 alternates), 10 textured solids, 91 elements and 2 fab alphas (a glittery gradient alpha in A-Z and numbers and a cursive pine alpha in a-z and numbers. All saved as individual .png files). 

The elements are: A banner, a bicycle, 2 bows, 2 buttons, a cute cactus, a camera, 2 flairs, 8 flowers, 2 pieces of foliage, 7 frames, a heart, 3 houses, 3 various painty marks, 4 ribbons, a suitcase, 3 fab trees, some bunting, 2 books, 2 yummy mixed media brushes (each in 2 versions), a wood piece, a clothpin/ peg, a piece of ephemera, an hour glass, a multi aperture frame, a piece of lace, a leaf, a piece of measuring tape, 2 stamps, 2 decorative staples, a star bead, stitching, a piece of string, 7 tabs, a tag, a piece of tape, a knot of thread and the following title and word art: 3 journal cards (‘riding along the path of life’, ‘grow through what you go through’, ‘I’ve seen the world’), ‘gather around let me tell you a story’ armchair sticker, ‘happily ever after starts here’, ‘life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments’, ‘share more than food share memories too!’ table sticker, ‘let me tell you a story’, ‘taking the next step’, ‘celebrate’, ‘remember forever’, ‘my life in pictures’, ‘this is my life story’, ‘let me tell you a little story’, ‘home is where the heart is’, ‘time together’ and ‘this is our life’ toothpick flag. All are saved as individual .png files.

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And here's my layout.
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