Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beachscape Bundle by Studio Basic Little Butterfly Wings

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings, ‘Beachscape’ is a mood-busting, sun-is-shining, shout-out to Summer! 

Let the happy vibes roll in with the unique patterns, gorgeous seaside-themed doodles and a sunny, feel-good color palette of warm yellows, cheery oranges, splashes of blue and zesty lime! 
Worn and painterly papers are complimented by a driftwood textured alpha, seashells, sandcastles and even a pretty mermaid, making ‘Beachscape’ ideal for scrapbooking about relaxing Summer memories, your kid’s exciting adventures by the ocean or journaling your daydreams for future days by the sea, where life simply feels better… 

You are going to love playing with this sea, sun and sandy themed bundle, which contains: 20 deliciously patterned papers (with 7 alternate versions), 14 textured solids, a total of 127 elements, plus the drift-wood textured alpha (a-z, numbers 0-9 and some symbols, saved as individual .png files), a total of 10 feel-good cards (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 6x4 cards), saved as individual .jpeg files and printable PDF. and an yummy mixed media brushes and more. This pack contains a total of 24 elements (20 items, plus an additional 4 variations). All are saved as individual .png files. 

The elements are: A beach ball doodle (4 versions), a beach box/ hut doodle (3 versions), a beach towel, a doodled bikini (3 versions), a seagull/ bird (3 versions), a bucket doodle (4 versions), 2 cacti doodles (each in 2 versions), 3 enamel badges, a pretty mermaid doodle (3 versions), a doodled palm tree (4 versions), a doodled pineapple (4 versions), some sand, a sandcastle doodle (4 versions), a doodled sun (4 versions), a pair of surfboards (4 versions), swimming trunks/ shorts (3 versions), 10 arrows, a long vertical banner, 2 horizontal banners, a bow, a fun button, a fence, a fish, some fishing net, 2 pairs of flipflops, 6 beachy blooms, 2 pieces of foliage, 3 frames, a label, 2 leaves, a metal fish, 2 pieces of string, 2 ribbons, a rosette (2 versions), a sand dollar, a sea plant/ coral, 2 shells, a starfish, some stitching, some string, 3 tags plus the following word and title art: ‘beach’, ‘sea sun sand’, ‘beachscape’, ‘summer vacations’, ‘sun’, ‘make everyday a beach day’, ‘a day in paradise’, ‘beach time’, ‘toes in the sand’, ‘summertime’, ‘seaside’, ‘life’s a beach’, ‘say hello to summer’, ‘summer’, ‘lazy days’, ‘life is better in flip flops’, ‘sun bathing’, ‘salt water’, ‘salt, sand and sea’ banners (2 versions), ‘beach’ (in italic), ‘summer’ (in italic) and ‘you, me & the sea’ wood piece. All are saved as individual .png files.

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And here's my layout.
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