Saturday, May 6, 2017

Better Together by Jenn Barrette and Studio Basic

A digital scrapbooking kit by Studio Basic Designs and Jenn Barrette, ‘Better Together’ is a happy dance in kit form - not only as it unites two fabulous designers, but because it’s a totally awesome, full-of-cute and togetherness kind of kit too! 

Popping with color and bold accents, you are going to find the characters and details in this kit impossible to resist, as you scrap or journal about your bestie, BFF, girlfriend or whatever you call each other! This kit celebrates the friendship, inseparableness and the simple fun of being together. 

Indulge in the happy feel of ‘Better Together’, which contains: 18 patterned papers (plus 4 alternate versions), 8 textured solids, 100 elements and two fab alphas (simple bold a-z, saved as a sheet; and a cute & colorful alpha A-Z, numbers plus some symbols, saved as individual .png files). 

The elements are: 2 adorable bunny friends, 9 flowers, 2 foxy friends, a pair of glasses, a donut, a pizza slice and a cupcake, 2 kitty friends, a leaf, a number strip, 4 painty marks, 3 scatters, 4 scribbles/ squiggles, 3 tabs/ labels, a zipper, a banner style tag, a bow, 2 yummy mixed media brushes (each in 2 variations), 2 bubble chat/ speech bubbles, a butterfly, a clothpin/ peg, a cute cloud (2 variations), a flower cluster (in 4 variations), a piece of foliage, a total of 14 various frames, a heart, a circular label, a pair of leaves, 2 paper pieces, 5 ‘+’ signs, 2 ribbons, 2 stamps, a piece of string, 2 tags, a tassel and the following word and title art: ‘blah blah blah blah blah blah’ brush, ‘you + me = amazing’, ‘I love us.’, ‘girl squad’, ‘you’re insane’, ‘why are you the way that you are ?’, ‘selfies’, ‘I love the $&!# out of you’, ‘junk food’, ‘BFF’, ‘Let’s eat junk food, and tell each other our secrets.’, ‘true pal’ and ‘better together’ (in 3 formats). All saved as individual .png files.

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And here's my layout.
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