Sunday, October 8, 2017

Moon Beam Bundle by Brook Magee and Studio Basic

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Brook Magee and Studio Basic Designs, ‘Moon Beam’ is a gorgeous collection of cosmic inspired patterns, word art and elements, created with a passion for the night, stars and moon… 

Gold, teal and navy allow the neutral background colors to pop with vitality and light; lots of pretty blooms will add a delicate finishing touch to the imaginative mixed media delights, whether you are scrapping or journaling about a magical evening, the first time you or your children got to look at the moon through a telescope or simply about the incredible beauty of a starry night or recent eclipse – ‘Moon Beam’ will dazzle and delight you! 

‘Moon Beam Bundle’ is comprised of 16 patterned papers (plus 6 alternative version), 10 background solids, 94 elements, 2 starry paper alphas (black: A-Z, numbers 0-9 and some symbols; white: a-z, numbers 0-9 and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files) and 10 night sky inspired cards (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 4x6 cards), each saved as individual .jpg files. 

The digital elements are: 3 starry scatters, a flair, 16 flowers, 3 pieces of foliage, 3 frames, a scatter of gems, a leaf, a moon phase sequence, 2 rosettes/ pinwheels, a moon, postage stamp, 5 ribbons, a star, a stamped star, 2 pieces of tape, a telescope, a bow, 2 yummy mixed media brushes (each in 2 versions), a button, charm, confetti scatter, toothpick flag, 2 hearts, 3 labels, a crescent moon (2 versions), 2 painty marks, a paper piece, a fun scribble, 2 go-to stamps, a starry overlay, a tag, stitching, string and the following title and word art: ‘moon’, ‘under the same moon’ sticker, ‘I’ve loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night. – Galileo’, ‘stay wild moon child’ sticker, ‘hello, moon’, ‘farewell, sun’, ‘stargazer’, ‘look up!’, ‘lunar eclipse’, ‘solar eclipse’, ‘you shine’, ‘night owl’, ‘God’s nightlight’, ‘nature’s nightlight’, ‘howl at the moon’, ‘follow the stars’, ‘astronomer’, ‘look up & get lost’ toothpick flag, ‘to the moon and back’ label, ‘the moon’ (3 versions) and ‘never stop looking up’ (3 versions), plus a doodly collection of 13 constellations! All are saved as individual .png files.

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And here's my layout.
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