Saturday, November 11, 2017

Me: 101 Bundle by River~Rose and Studio Basic

A digital scrapbooking bundle by River Rose & Studio Basic Designs, ‘Me: 101’ will encourage you to capture the everyday moments, memories and what makes you, YOU! 

Scrapping or journaling about yourself, as you are right now, a lovely way to become more mindful of yourself ...and a great way to make an amazing snapshot of memories to be enjoyed in the future! 
Enjoy the bold pops of bright colour, geometric patterns, pretty flora and other finishing touches as you document your world as it is today, ready for your future self to look back on and appreciate your experiences and adventures! Who knows what you will achieve, see or grow using the seeds of who you are now?! 

‘Me: 101’ Bundle contains: 14 patterned papers (plus 6 alternatives), 7 textured solids, 87 elements, a fabulous hand-drawn alpha (a-z, A-Z, numbers 0-9, and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files), an eclectic collection of 47 lovely elements plus an additional alpha (a-z, A-Z, numbers 0-9, and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files) and a total of 10 fabulous cards (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 4x6). All cards are saved as individual .png files. 

The elements are: Ampersand (&), an arrow, a row of arrows, 2 bows, brad, 2 buttons, clip, 3 doodled circles, 8 flowers, 6 frames, a label, leaves, 5 painty marks, a scribble, 2 star scatters, group of doodled stars, a bottle cap embellishment (plus separate components), 2 yummy mixed media brushes (each in 2 versions), flag/ banner, 3 journal strips, a leaf, 3 paper pieces, 2 ribbons, a sequin, 2 stamps, some stitching, string, variety of 10 tags, piece of tape, 2 tape clusters plus the following word and title art: ‘I can move Mountains’ journal card, ‘let’s talk about me me me me’, ‘these are a few of my favorite things’, ‘i love this’, ‘i am who i am’, ‘you can’t change me’, ‘it is all about me’ flag/ banner, ‘me myself and i’, ‘about me’, AAM all about me’, ‘with all my heart…’, 10 random facts about me:’, ‘this is ME’, ‘my favorites:’, ‘for the record’. All are saved as individual .png files.

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And here's my layout.
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