Saturday, February 3, 2018

Look How Much You've Grown Bundle by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs & Two Tiny Turtles

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs & Two Tiny Turtles, ‘Look How Much You’ve Grown’ is a bright and playful celebration of your wonderful child! 

They grow like weeds, are into everything and chatter non-stop, yet we wouldn’t be without them for a moment. Every moment is a precious adventure, so allow ‘Look How Much You’ve Grown’ to help you scrap the photos and journal the escapades with happy primary colors, characterful elements, bold patterns and a whole lot of love. 

Whether you want to record a birthday, school event or simply a fantastic day spent in the company of an amazing kid - ‘Look How Much You’ve Grown’ is perfect for you. 

‘Look How Much You’ve Grown Bundle’ is filled with 18 patterned papers (plus 7 alternate versions), 16 bright ‘n bold solid papers, 136 vibrant elements, 2 contrasting alphas (A-Z; saved as individual .png files and as a sheet) and a total of 12 3x4 cards. All cards are saved as individual .jpeg files. 

The elements are: 4 arrows, balloons, 4 buttons, 3 cupcakes, 10 flowers, foliage, 11 frames, an adorable lion, 3 paperclips, 3 party hats, 3 ribbons, thread, 3 page borders, 2 bows, a yummy mixed media brush (2 versions), 3 toothpick flags, a giraffe, 2 hearts, journal spot, 10 labels, 4 leaves, 2 painty marks, paper piece, clothesline for photos (with & w/o frames), pompom, 4 rosettes, scatter of beads, a stamp, 10 stars, 2 pieces of string, 3 tabs, tags, 3 measuring tapes, dots, a staple, a star, 4 cute bears, strip of dots plus the following word and title art: ‘grow’, ‘learn’, ‘over the years’, ‘love you to the moon and back’, ‘celebrating you’, ‘you are my favorite’, ‘look how much you’ve grown’, ‘proud moment’, ‘this is you’, ‘all grown up’, ‘you are my sunshine’, ‘boy’, ‘now’, ‘then’, ‘girl’, 2 ‘so big’ balloon stickers, ‘captured’, ‘courageous’, ‘growing up’, ‘now & then’, ‘play hard kiddo’, ‘teenager life’ and ‘wild child’. All are saved as individual .png files.

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