Monday, December 19, 2011

Little echoes - meeting Sarah Bettens

I always loved K's Choice music. I have most of their albums and I saw them live several times. 
But now, it was a long time ago since I saw a K's Choice concert. I used to go and see Sarah Bettens play solo, but now they are on tour with an accoustic set and they play in theaters.
We were lucky and they played in our hometown. And I was even more lucky getting tickets on the 4rh row, in the middle of the theatre. So we had one of the best placed to sit. -yay-. December 15th, was THE day.
The concert was sold out by the way.

The concert was great. They played some old song, but mostly they played songs from their album Echo Mountain. For the tour, they made a new album, with the songs they play in the theaters.

After the concert Sarah said that everyone that wanted to say hi, was welcome at the merchandise stand. Within a few minutes they would be there. Although I had to go to work the next morning and it was getting late... I just wanted to wait to say hi!
We had picked up our jackets and right after that Sarah was there.

I got my cd signed by all three of them and I got my picture taken with Sarah.

We had a wonderful evening and I hope they will play in our town again some day.  What a great way to start my vacation, don't you think?

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