Saturday, May 7, 2016

Because I Am An Artist Bundle by Shawna Clingerman and Studio Basic

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Studio Basic and Shawna Clingerman, "Because I am an Artist" celebrates our passion for vibrant color and complements it with bold painty patterns, inspiring wordart, delicious texture, the tools we use and many more decorative touches!

Embrace your talent and the joy that creating gives you. Scrap or journal about your artistic journey and the satisfaction and pleasure that playing with color brings you.

"Because I am an Artist" is instant motivation to your creative soul – whether you choose to make something digitally, with your children or in your art journal!

"Because I am an Artist" contains: 16 patterned papers, 8 paint brushed solids, 87 elements, a statement alpha in 3 color variations (A-Z, numbers and some symbols, saved as individual .png files) and 10 arty cards (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 6x4 cards), saved as individual .jpeg files.

The elements are: an arrow, 2 banners, 2 bows, a paint brush, 2 gorgeous mixed media brushes, a butterfly, a canvass, a circular paint palette, 8 flowers, 10 frames, 3 hearts, a leaf, 5 paint marks, 4 paper pieces, a pencil, 3 pieces of ribbon, a pair of scissors, 2 scribbles, a stamp, a pair of colourful stars, a stitched 12x12 border, a piece of string, a tag, a bingo card, a bingo card- style frame, 2 buttons, a color wheel, 3 flairs, a piece of foliage, a scatter of heart beads, 6 journal banners, a piece of ricrac, a staple, a vintage tag, a watercolor flower bunch (in 2 formats) and the following word art: ‘art’ in colourful beads, ‘art speaks without words…’, ‘because I am an artist’, ‘color is everything.’, ‘create something beautiful. Everyday.’, ‘I make art to show my soul that I am listening’, ‘obsession’, ‘artist’, ‘beautiful’, ‘brave’, ‘creative’ and ‘see the world in a new way’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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