Saturday, May 21, 2016

Destinations: Vol 4 - Bundle by Studio Basic and Studio Flergs

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Studio Flergs & Studio Basic Designs, "Destinations: Vol 4" is the next in a vibrant new collection, created to inspire the wanderer, explorer and daydreamer in you. Float away with this tropically themed volume to white sandy beaches, azure seas and tall fruity cocktails, complete with little umbrellas!

Your imagination will delight in the island paradise conjured by the stunning patterns, blooms and driftwood textures. Scrap or journal about your fabulous Caribbean get-away, your dream vacation to Bali or simply relish adding a little tropical flavor to your pages and planners!

The irresistibly cheerful colors and vibrant imagery of "Destinations: Vol 4" are an instant boost to your mood; certain to cheer any day up, whilst adding an enticing taste of the tropics to your creations. "Destinations: Vol 4" contains: 16 patterned papers, 14 textured solids, 91 elements, 2 alphas (a tropical sunset alpha A-Z, numbers and some symbols; a wooden tikka-style alpha A-Z, numbers and some symbols (all saved as individual .png files), a total of 10 enticing cards, supplied in both portrait and landscape orientations (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 4x6 cards), saved as individual .jpg files, an eclectic collection of Studio Basic’s signature-styled painty marks, scribbles and delectable mixed media clusters; each fashioned to add vitality, originality and fun to your creations (this pack contains 15 elements, each saved as individual .png files) and a tropical mix of Studio Flergs’ signature scatterz, ready add extra sparkle and charm to your pages (this pack is contains 3 paint/element clusters, 6 assorted scattered elements & 3 fun tiki heads, each saved as individual .png files)

The elements are: 10 flowers, 4 pieces of foliage, a tiki bar, a butterfly, a coconut drink, 4 frames, a string of lanterns, a palm tree, 2 geometric confetti scatters, a pineapple sticker, a floral sticker, 2 pieces of washi tape, a tiki head, a tiki torch, 3 pieces of ribbon, a guitar, an ampersand (&), an arrow, a bow, a button, a camera stamp, a flamingo (3 variations), a pair of flip flops, a multi aperture frame (2 styles), a geotag, a heart, 7 labels, a piece of lace, a passport, a sun sequin, some stitching (2 variations), a circle of string, 2 suitcases, a swizzle stick, a tag, a drinks umbrella/ cocktail stick, a campervan (2 variations), 4 wooden signs and the following word and title art: ‘paradise’, ‘tropicana’, ‘cocktails’, ‘mocktails’, ‘cabana’, ‘dream vacation’, ‘tropical’, ‘get away’, ‘beach & sunshine’, ‘so much fun’, ‘seaside escape’, ‘a great and special day’, ‘sandy & salty’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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