Saturday, June 18, 2016

Destinations: Vol 5 - Collection by Studio Basic and Studio Flergs

A digital scrapbooking collection by Studio Flergs & Studio Basic Designs, ‘Destinations: Vol 5’ is the woodsy instalment of their vibrant new collection, created to inspire the wanderer, explorer and daydreamer in you.

Whether you are a super-keen outdoor enthusiast, a family of happy campers or if you simply love a gentle stroll through the woods, appreciate the beauty of nature and toasting marshmallows, you are going to fall in love with the rich, welcoming tones and patterns, fun scene-setting papers and imaginative elements that abound in ‘Destinations: Vol 5’.

Record your happy wanderings or your kid’s summer camp snaps; make postcards to send home to grandparents, or beautiful pages in your planner for your next into-the-woods ramble, family camping holiday, or geocaching adventure, with this ruggedly characterful kit!

‘Destinations: Vol 5’ contains: 16 patterned papers (plus 2 alternatives), 15 paper textured solids, 95 elements and 2 alphas (a starry night alpha and a plaid/ tartan alpha, each with A-Z, numbers and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files).

The elements are: a bedroll, a butterfly, a compass, 7 flowers, 2 pieces of foliage, 5 frames, hills, a lantern, a marshmallow on stick, mountains, a pinecone, a trail sign, snow-capped mountains, a scatter of stars, 2 pieces of tape, a tent, 2 pine trees, 2 pieces of ricrac, 3 pieces of ribbon, 3 wood tokens, 2 arrows, a camp fire, a lightening bug, 2 pieces of string, a backpack, a piece of bark, hiking boots, a button (with & without thread), a caravan, a fox-themed piece of ephemera, a fish hook, a trail of footprints, a geotag, a scatter of grass, a grass heart, a hat, 3 labels, 6 picture labels, a leaf, a map, a paper piece, a shovel, an overlay of stars (in 2 styles), stitching, a tag, a torch, a wooden sign (with & without text) and the following word and title art: ‘geocaching’, ‘under the stars’, ‘the great outdoors’, ‘make your own path’, ‘back to nature’, ‘summer camp’, ‘wilderness’, ‘adventure’, ‘life is better at camp’, ‘camp rules’, ‘into the woods we go’, ‘life was meant for good friends and great adventures’, ‘lets sleep under the stars’, ‘camp is my happy place’, ‘relax you’re at camp’, ‘lake hair. don’t care!’, ‘camping is the answer’and ‘laugh hard, smile big, camp often’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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