Sunday, September 11, 2016

Everyday Brave Bundle by Studio Basic and Etc. by Danyale

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Etc by Danyale, ‘Everyday Brave’ challenges you to see yourself for the remarkable individual you are.

Everyone of us deals with some inner struggle or other, whether it is with self-confidence, that nag of an inner critic, questioning our self-worth, looks, intelligence… the list goes on! With dramatic vintage chic, affirming word art and pops of vibrant pinks and yellows, ‘Everyday Brave’ encourages and challenges you to shed all that negativity and inspires that creative, gorgeous individual that you actually are.

Challenge yourself to create a scrapbooking page or journal page about you and your positives: the places you’ve been, things you’ve done or overcome, the jobs you’ve undertaken (yes, doing the laundry does count), the support, love and friendship you’ve provided – and be honest! Then stand back and admire the art you’ve created celebrating the incredible spirit you truly are. She is in there – you just have to be brave and take a peek!

This inspiring feminine bundle is comprised of 20 fabulously patterned papers (plus 2 alternative versions), 14 textured background papers, 85 elements, a dazzling alpha (A-Z, a-z, numbers and some symbols. All saved as individual .png files) and an outstanding collection of 40 delicious stamps, word arts, splats, doodles and lots more, to enable you to effortlessly add mixed-media layered style to your scrapbook and journal pages (All saved as individual .png files).

The digital elements are: 5 ephemera pieces, 8 flowers, 2 arrows, a row of arrows, a ‘brave’ arrow strip, a button, a cap, a vintage clasp, decorative dot rows, a feather, foil pattern, 5 frames, a jewel, a key, a key hole, 3 leaves, a row of decorative circles, 2 pieces of string, 3 pieces of tape, 3 sets of stitching, decorative triangle rows, a bow, 2 yummy mixed media brushes, a butterfly, a mixed media cluster, a piece of crochet, a piece of foliage, a multi aperture frame, 2 hearts, 2 circular labels, a rectangular label (3 variations), a piece of lace, 3 paper pieces (plus some variations), a ribbon, a staple, 2 tags (plus a variation) and the following title and word art: ‘strong’, ‘brave’, ‘brave’ (in newspaper cut letters), ‘everyday’ (in scrabble tiles), ‘a resilient spirit’, ‘courage always’, ‘self compassion’, ‘find joy inside’, ‘trust your heart’, ‘be boldly brave’, ‘always believe something wonderful is about to happen’, ‘be brave have courage love life’, ‘may my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave’, ‘I wanna see you be brave’, ‘don’t forget to wear your invisible crown’, ‘with brave wings she flies’, ‘let’s do this!’, ‘be brave enough to dream’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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