Saturday, October 1, 2016

Silent Battles: Grief - Kit by Captivated Visions & Studio Basic Designs

A mixed media digital scrapbooking kit by Captivated Visions and Studio Basic Designs. Silent Battles; we all have them and Rachel and Rubia have teamed up to bring you gorgeous themed mixed media collections to help you tell your story expressively. This Kit is themed around stress and is packed full of artful pieces perfect for art journaling, mixed media projects and photo artistry.

"Silent Battles: Grief Kit" is a beautiful collection in striking monochrome with hints of soft blue, full of deeply meaningful sentiments, aesthetic ephemera and worn textures that will help to express your hurt, loss and pain… Scrapping and journaling are how we choose make ourselves heard – our tools of self-expression. Loss and grief need to be felt and worked through, and doing this creatively has to be one of the most cathartic things we can do for ourselves.

Let "Silent Battles: Grief Kit" help you to tell this emotionally hard chapter of your story, and let you begin to move forward. This kit is comprised of 16 inky patterned papers, 7 textured solids, 110 elements and 2 alphas (an long black alpha: a-z and numbers and a striped paper effect alpha: A-Z and numbers, saved as individual .png files,).

The digital elements are: An arrow strip, a butterfly, 3 individual buttons, a set of buttons on card, 3 clouds, 11 flowers, 5 pieces of foliage, 5 frames (some with alternate versions), 4 hearts, a piece of lace, a ‘no entry’ sign, 3 feathers, 2 styles of wings (each in 4 variations), 4 paper pieces (some with alternate versions), a piece of ribbon, a splatter, 4 stamps, staples, 3 pieces of stitching, a strung tag, 2 sets of tape, an arrow, a bow, 3 brushes, 2 mixed media brushes (each in 2 versions), a clip, a key, 2 labels, a playing card (2 versions), a prong, rain (2 versions), a piece of ricrac, a scalloped piece of paper, 2 scribbles, 2 tags and the following title and word art: ‘hardest day of my life’, ‘I am exhausted’, ‘I am overwhelmed’, ‘this is so difficult’, ‘the light has gone’, ‘I wasn’t ready’, ‘heartbroken’, ‘pain’ (in scrabble tiles), ‘time to heal’, ‘silent tears’, ‘feel your feelings’, ‘I have so much left to say to you’ and ‘with you went so much of me’. All are saved as individual .png files.
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And here's my layout.
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