Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alpha! Alpha! Alpha! - New release from Designs by Sarah

I'm a real alpha person. I love to use them on every layout. And usually I want to add more than one! But often kits only have one alpha, so very often I'm on the search for a nice basic alpha, mostly in black or white. That's why I created these basic black and white alphas. To have an alpha that fits almost every layout.

They all have full uppercase alphabet, lowercase alphabet, numbers and some punctuation. It's a real must have for your stash and they are 20% off right now. And if you buy the bundle, you'll save even more. But that's not all!

In addition to the alphas, I was thinking about an alpha pack in all colors of the rainbow. To really have an nice and beautiful alpha to fit EVERY layout. That's why I created the Color The Rainbow alphas. They come in 9!! different colors. From pink to dark blue, from light green to red and more!

You can by the alphas by clicking at the 'my shop' button at the top of my blog. But please read through the blogpost, because I have some amazing deals and free with purchase offers.

Basic Black Alpha and Basic White Alpha

The bundle

Color The Rainbow Alphas

The Bundle

Here's what I made with the alphas
And take a look what my amazing CT team did.
by Renata

by Renata
by Jen

by Marieke

by Melanie

by MissHappy

by Melanie

by MissHappy

by Teresa

by Teresa

And now for some offers you can't resist. I got a lot of ways to save some money. First all alpha's are 20% off 'till Thursday February 9th. That means it's only 1,20 dollar for one alpha.

Offer 1: But if you buy 2 you get the 3rd one for free. Just let me know by mail which 3 one you'd like! So that's 3 alphas for only 2,40 dollar!
Offer 2: The Color The Rainbow Alpha bundle is 50% off! On top of that you'll get the Basic Black & Basic White Alpha for free. That's only 6,75 dollar for 11 alpha's!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


  1. Sarah, veel succes met de verkoop van je alpha's! Ze zijn prachtig en voor alpha-addicts ook zeer bruikbaar. Bedankt dat ik er mee mocht knutselen!

    Liefs, Marieke

    1. Sarah, good luch with selling your alphas! They are beautiful and for alpha-addicts rally useful! Thansk for letting me play with them.

      Love, Marieke


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