Sunday, October 2, 2016

Artsy Dolls #1 by Studio Basic and Erin Wright

‘Artsy Dolls #1’ is a digital scrapbooking element collection by Studio Basic Designs and Erin Wright, containing 6 unique arty girl doll personalities!

These gorgeous dolls will add character and a visible voice to your hopes, dreams and thoughts. Let them say the things you need to hear, or tell the stories that you find hard to articulate for yourself. They can act as your alter-ego, guardian angel, or just a friend when you need or prefer someone to speak for you.

Each doll comes in 2 different styles: sweet ‘n simple (ready for you to add your own embellishments) and with added mixed media charm!
‘Artsy Dolls #1’ contains a total of 12 dolls (6 dolls in 2 different styles), each saved as an individual .png file.
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And here's my page.
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