Saturday, October 1, 2016

Secret Ingrediente: Love Bundle by Studio Basic and Mommyish

A digital scrapbooking bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Mommyish, "Secret Ingredient: Love" is a playful, happy collection of cheerful images, sweet sentiments, and bold patterns in a palette of vintage brights.

Baking & cooking can conjure up so many wonderful, warm memories: making cookies with grandma, the first time you made pancakes with your children, or that romantic anniversary meal you quietly prepared together…. so, rustle up some ‘amuse bouche’ and indulge your senses, as you scrap about those delicious moments, journal about the a-ma-zing new restaurant you and your girlfriends ate at, OR perhaps create your own set of recipe cards, jam jar labels or sweet wrappers!

"Secret Ingredient: Love Bundle" contains: 16 patterned papers (plus 4 alternate versions), 12 background solids, 99 scrumptious elements, 3 alphas (a-z, A-Z, numbers and some symbols, each alpha saved as page in .png format) and 10 appetizing journal cards (specifically 8 3x4 and 2 6x4 cards), saved as individual .jpeg and .pdf files.

The elements are: A bow, 2 buttons, a cookie cutter, 4 pieces of paper ephemera, 2 flairs (bevelled and flat format), 4 flowers, 2 hearts, 12 tab labels, a milk top, 3 stamps, 6 foodie themed stickers, a journal strip, 3 ribbon trims, a wooden arrow, 3 frames, a whisk, 2 yummy mixed media brushes, measuring spoon set, a cloth pin/ peg, coffee beans, crossed knife & fork, a piece of foliage, a single fork, a single knife, 11 labels, 2 leaves, a food mixer (3 versions), a hand mixer, a paint splat, painty rings, a pan/ wok, 3 kitchen circles, 2 scribbles, a spatula, 2 spoons, a piece of string, a tag and the following title and word art: ‘but first coffee’, ‘delicious’, ‘good eats’, ‘smiles’, ‘food = love’, ‘made with *herart*’, ‘’, ‘happiness is a kitchen full of people’, ‘a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness’, ‘bakers gonna bake’, ‘the secret ingredient is always love (and cheese)’. All saved as individual .png files.
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And here's my layout.
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